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Lake Lanier Fishing Guide/Charters

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Striper Steve

Lake Lanier Fishing Guides and Striper Charters in North Ga

Striper Steve’s Fishing Charters 404-580-3255

Striper fishing Lake Lanier, bass fishing Lake Lanier, and well… fishing Lake Lanier is my addiction. My name is Stephen Knight, aka Striper Steve and I am a fish-a-holic. I was born a few miles from the banks of Lake Lanier. Fishing has always been my passion. When you think there is no one on the lake, think again. I fish nearly 300 days a year, charter or no charter. I follow the movements of striped bass from the dam to the shallow, swift currents up the rivers. I know every inch of Lake Lanier and have caught fish in every creek there is. In the last 10 years, I have developed a need to share and teach others my knowledge of these fish. The look and expressions on a persons face that have never caught a fish or the avid angler that just can’t get enough is what drives my passion. Thanks to all the people I have met over the years and taking YOU fishing is why I wake up every morning.
Lanier Fishing Guides

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